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How to Enable Read Receipts in Slack


You Can't, But Here's Something Better

17th April 2022

Slack doesn't provide Read Receipts. Fear not, Hear Ye! provides an even better solution with message acknowledgements. Find out how to install and use Hear Ye! and how it can help you ensure important messages don't drop through the cracks.

Never miss an important message again

10th April 2022

Hear Ye! is a new Slack bot that facilitates collaboration and communication on Slack. It allows message authors to require an acknowledgment from anyone mentioned in the message. The tool sends daily reminders to the intended recipients until they acknowledge the message by reacting with a 👍 emoji. Hear Ye! is especially useful for team leaders and project managers who need to ensure that important information is seen and acted upon. A free beta of Hear Ye is available for all Slack users who want to try it out.

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