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How to Enable Read Receipts in Slack


You Can't, But Here's Something Better

17th April 2022

  • The short answer is you can't.
  • The longer answer is that we can do you one better.
  • Tired of Important Messages Getting Lost in the Shuffle?
  • Hear Ye! provides a way to track and automatically prompt for message acknowledgements.

If you're like most Slack users, you know how overwhelming the constant stream of messages can be. What happens when an important messages fall through the cracks?

Read receipts are one of Slack's most requested features. There are tweets going back to at least 2014 asking for it. The responses from Slack have slowly gone from "we're looking into this" to "we have no plans for read receipts".

@svencharleer @slackHQ only missing a 'last messages read by ...' but search and integrations for git, docs, pictures... are great!

Read receipts, which indicate when someone has "read" your message, have become a popular feature in messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage. However, if you're a Slack user, you may have noticed that read receipts are not currently available.

We Can Do You One Better

Let's face it: read receipts aren't very helpful. They only confirm that a message has appeared on screen, not that the recipient has actually read and understood it.

This is why we built Hear Ye!. Hear Ye! is a Slack bot that allows you to pick your most important Slack messages and ensure that the recipients acknowledge the message with a 👍 reaction. By requiring message acknowledgments, you can be sure that your team is on the same page and that important information isn't being dropped.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Hear Ye! is the ultimate tool for making sure those crucial messages don't get lost! It makes it super easy to ensure important messages are seen and acknowledged by all the right people. No more worrying about whether your message was lost in the sea of Slack notifications!

Here's how it works:

  1. Mention the Hear Ye! bot in your message, along with the names of the people who you want to acknowledge the message.
  2. Hear Ye! will send them daily reminders between 10 and 11 am their time until they acknowledge it.
  3. Once a recipient has acknowledged the message, the reminders will cease.

We get it, Slack can be overwhelming! But when it comes to the important stuff, you want to know that your message has been received loud and clear. That's where Hear Ye! comes in, with its magical powers of message acknowledgments.

Hear Ye! is your automated safety net. When things get missed it will step in and provide a gentle nudge to get the conversation back on track.

Better Than a Read Receipt

Hear Ye! offers several advantages over traditional read receipts:

  • Explicit: A "Read" receipt only confirms the message has appeared on screen. Not that the recipient has actually read and understood the message.
  • Focused: Being expected to read every Slack message in detail is an unreasonable expectation for anyone. Tracking read receipts on all messages adds more noise, not signal, to the system. Hear Ye! focuses on only on those messages that are important enough to require an acknowledgment.
  • Customizable: Hear Ye! allows you to customize who is expected to acknowledge a message. You can target specific people or groups who need to be aware of the message.
  • Automated: Hear Ye! sends daily reminders to people who have not yet acknowledged a message. You don't have to manually follow up with each person individually. This saves time and ensures that messages don't get overlooked.
  • Accountability: Read receipts only tell you if someone has seen your message, but they don't guarantee that they have taken it onboard. Hear Ye's message acknowledgments ensure that everyone who is expected to read the message has acknowledged it, providing accountability for everyone involved.

Installing and Using Hear Ye!

Ready to take Hear Ye! for a spin? Just click that button below to add it to your Slack workspace! Once it's installed simply add to your channel and @mention Hear Ye! in any message where you want to require an acknowledgement. Easy peasy, right?

Add to Slack

To start using simply:

  1. Add the Hear Ye! bot to any channels you wish to use it in.
  2. Mention @Hear Ye along with any recipients of the message.

Hear Ye! offers a more comprehensive and effective solution for facilitating message acknowledgments than traditional read receipts. By using Hear Ye!, you can ensure that your team is on the same page, improve communication, and increase accountability in your Slack workspace.

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